Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review


June 21, 2013 by

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One of the most well-known images of the fantasy genre is a warrior clad in armor rushing toward a gigantic monster, ready to clash in a battle of legendary proportions. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a Nintendo 3DS game that is sure to make any player feel like that legendary warrior as they rush into battle against a menagerie of menacing monsters. For the players are the Hunters, and tackling these monsters is just another day on the job.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a game that is beautifully crafted and quite immersive. The world of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is quite a pretty picture, featuring various environments like an arid desert, a frozen landscape, and even a searing volcano. The monsters that call the world home are also quite the colorful cast, with designs ranging from awe-inspiring like the Zinogre or the downright bizarre like the Gigginox. The monsters were always the selling point of this series and they do not disappoint; players will marvel at their designs and might.

However, it should be noted that this game can be a bit challenging for those just getting into the series. New players should be aware that the monsters in this game will utterly destroy them if they try to rush in without a plan. The game encourages players to plan out every encounter, preparing the tools they need before heading off to confront a monster. The game also rewards players who observe how the monsters act, learning to recognize signs that telegraph what attack a monster is about to do. While this may seem intimidating for those not used to this type of gameplay, the players will ultimately find the experience incredibly rewarding once they begin defeating monsters that were once intimidatingly difficult on a consistent basis.

Another one of the game's strengths is the numerous combat experiences the players can have. The series boasts several types of weapons such as dual blades, great swords, axes that can turn into swords, bow guns, and several others. Players who wish to try out all weapons will soon find out that using different weapons against monsters completely transform the whole combat experience. For example, the great sword is powerful but slow to swing, so players will need to learn when to time their strikes so that a monster doesn't slip away or attack them; the dual blades strike fast and can utilize combos, but these combos can be interrupted by enemy attacks and the blades themselves deal low raw damage; bow guns can utilize special ammo that debilitates enemies, but require Hunters wear lighter armor that leaves them more vulnerable to enemy attacks. This is yet another factor players must take into account when fighting monsters and one that encourages them to become familiar with every facet of the weapon's style.

The game features a multiplayer mode where players can team up to take down monsters; typically these monsters will be beefed up to accommodate the greater number of players. However, the Nintendo 3DS version is limited only to local multiplayer, meaning that players who wish to take on the multiplayer monsters but have no one in the immediate area with the game cannot do so. While this means that they will have a much more difficult time dealing with the higher level multiplayer monsters, some players may see these missions as a hard mode' where they can test their skills.

Overall, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a fun and addicting game. While its multiplayer mode could've used a bit of improvement such as adding online multiplayer, the rest of the game holds up well on its own. It has a great selection of monsters to tangle with, many weapons and armor sets to try out, and several worlds to explore. While the game may seem a bit daunting to newcomers to the series, it ultimately works well as a starting point. Aspiring Hunters should pick up this game; there are legends to be conquered.

Rating: 9.0/10

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