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The games in the Kirby franchise are usually marketed toward a younger audience, yet still tries to give something for older and/or more experienced players as well. Kirby: Triple Deluxe is no exception to this rule and it delivers exactly what one would expect from a game in the franchise. It is a rather simplistic game but it delivers enough to make it very enjoyable for a wide variety of players using several extra modes and collectibles for the player to find.

The Story Mode is, as mentioned, very simplistic in both story and gameplay. Kirby wakes up one day to find his home has been lifted up into the sky by a gigantic stalk; at the same time, a spider-like entity named Taranza kidnaps King Dedede. Kirby must travel across the stalk onto several large floating islands in order to rescue Dedede. Each level is relatively straightforward though many have little hidden paths that lead to collectibles, meaning players will have to think a little out of the box if they want to get full completion. Story Mode also features the new Hypernova ability that grants Kirby increased suction, making certain levels incredibly fun to play as you watch Kirby inhale gigantic objects ranging from big vehicles to monstrous enemies.

The extra modes in this game are quite fun to play as well. There is a new single player campaign that is unlocked when you beat Story Mode. This new mode is not just a rehash of Story Mode with a new character; it features a set of different final bosses, one of them potentially being a familiar face to players of other Kirby games. There is also an Arena Mode that unlocks after beating Story Mode which puts you in a battle marathon against the bosses of Story Mode. There is also Kirby Fighters where up to four players can engage in free-for-all fighting using Kirby's many different abilities; unfortunately, this game mode does not allow for Internet connectivity so players are only able to connect locally. Finally, there is Dedede Drum Dash, a rhythm game using some of the franchise's iconic music. The controls can be a little hard to get used to at first, but players will find it quite fun once they do become familiar.

The many environments of this game are beautifully rendered, making each level a feast for the eyes, whether it is an area filled with erupting volcanoes and flowing lava or a canyon filled with wind currents which Kirby must ride to advance. The soundtrack is a joy to listen to and the melodies are very memorable. The bosses are colorfully designed and there are a few familiar faces that players familiar with the franchise will instantly recognize. The controls are rather simple as well and the game's pause screen gives new players a heads-up on what Kirby is capable of when copying powers. This is a game that longtime fans will be able to jump into quite quickly and is also quite friendly for newcomers as well.

The game's length may be of concern to some players. The single player mode can be completed in a few hours at most if the players forgo the collection sidequests, though playing through the extra modes add a few more hours of playtime. Some players may find this game to be quite easy to play through, though the extra modes provide a bit of a difficulty spike. There aren't many new gimmicks in this game either so longtime players may feel that the franchise has stayed relatively the same over the years; thankfully, the Hypernova power that was introduced in this game make certain levels very fun to play. There is a feature that allows players to collect keychains based on characters, items, and powers from previous games, tradable over StreetPass; while undeniably nostalgic, the keychains do not come with any descriptions so they are ultimately meaningless to players who have never played the previous games.

Longtime fans of Kirby will not want to miss this game. While it could be a little longer in length, introduce a few new powers, and provide descriptions for the keychains to educate new players, the game ultimately has enough to entertain its players and encourage them to explore the world a little. It also serves as quite the nostalgia fest for longtime fans and it is a testament to the creators' imaginations. This is a game that any fan of the franchise will want to try, and as good a place to start for any newcomers to jump into.

Rating: 8.5/10

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