Kid Icarus: Uprising Review


August 2, 2012 by

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It took about twenty-one years for the angel Pit to get a new game but it was well worth the wait. The newest addition to the Kid Icarus series is Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS and is quite a departure from the previous two games. While the other two games were primarily platformers, Uprising is a third-person shooting game. However, this genre shift does not detract from the game at all.

The graphics of the game are breathtaking to behold. The sceneries provide massive amounts of eye candy, whether it is the majestic fire sea of a volcanic region or the galactic skies filled with star-like seas and radiant constellations. The enemies of the game are also rendered into loving detail, giving each one a distinct identity when combined with the numerous quirks and behavior in combat. Overall the graphics provide the player a beautiful world that showcases the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.

The dialogue is another major selling point of this game. The game contains several big name stars such as Ali Harris, Fred Tatasciore, Danny Mann, Hynden Walch, Cree Summer, and quite a few more. Each one turns in a stellar performance that makes the game very fun to listen to. The dialogue itself can be quite cheesy but in a way that elicits chuckles instead of groans. Combined with a combination of snarky humor and ribbing between protagonists and antagonists, the dialogue is sure to cause fits of laughter among players.

The game itself has quite a bit of replay value to ensure that players do not set it down after a single playthrough. Uprising has an adjustable difficulty system that affects the quality of rewards after every level, not only allowing players to play at a comfortable difficulty but also to challenge them to complete the game at escalating difficulties. The game also provides a scavenger hunt minigame that provides players with numerous challenges such as completing levels under a time limit, beating bosses under specific conditions, or achieving records in multiplayer mode.

The controls of the game may take some time to get used to. The game makes extensive use of the side buttons, the touchscreen, and the circle pad. Familiarization of the controls is essential since the later levels of the game can be quite intense on higher difficulties and leave little room for mistakes. The game itself has the potential to cause hand cramps after extensive play. Fortunately for the players Uprising ships with a free stand for the 3DS to provide greater comfort and relief.

Overall Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of the must-have games for those who own a Nintendo 3DS. A mixture of great voice talents, breathtaking graphics, and replay value makes it a heavenly experience. Prior knowledge of the previous Kid Icarus games is not needed so those stepping into the universe for the very first time do not need to worry too much. This is the game that fans of the original Kid Icarus have waited over two decades for and it is almost literally a gift from the gods.

Rating: 9.5/10

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