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August 3, 2012 by

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On June 23, 2009, a game for the Nintendo DS known as Devil Survivor was released in the United States. It was a story about a group of people who find themselves trapped in a lockdown of Tokyo as monsters and gods from various pantheons wreak havoc, their only means of survival being their ability to summon and control said mythological beings. On August 23, 2011, an expansion to this story was released for the Nintendo 3DS by the name of Devil Survivor Overclocked.

Overclocked provides a few additions to the original Devil Survivor. The first major addition is the Eighth Day feature, essentially a playable epilogue for some of the numerous endings of the original game. First-time players are also given the option to select game difficulty though future playthroughs lose this option. The game also adds a compendium that lists every demon that the player has gotten, providing not only an easy way to summon them once more but also provides little background details on the original mythologies that they appeared in. Overclocked also features voice acting in several scenes from talents such as Spike Spencer, Kyle Hebert, Melissa Fahn, and Laura Bailey.

Aside from these additions, not much of the game has changed. The graphics are largely the same save for sharper images in character sprites and the music is unchanged as well. There are also a few lines that have been changed that may seem a little jarring to those who have played the original game. Gameplay mechanics are also mostly untouched save for the compendium which may provide greater convenience to players who do not wish to go through an arduous process of creating a demon with a specific skillset. The 3D feature is also sparingly used, seen only in the game intro and the demon fusion sequence.

If one is to look at Overclocked as just another game as opposed to an expansion, it is a solid game. The difficulty can be quite intimidating to first-time players but in a way that encourages players to plan ahead and not charge into battle recklessly. The characters are written well with each one possessing a distinctive identity, though some characters fall out of focus after a certain point. The loving detail that goes into mythological research brings about all sorts of fantastic monsters and deities, from lowly spirits such as pixies and kobolds to very recognizable figures such as the trickster god Loki and Shiva the Destroyer.

As an expansion, however, Overclocked seems a bit lackluster. Aside from the Eighth Day chapters, the game does not add anything significant to the original game. The game has additional demons not present in the original game but it is not a particularly large number. There are two more optional boss battles added in but they are not major battles and do not contribute much to the overall story. In short Overclocked is a good game for those who have not played the original Devil Survivor but it may be a bit disappointing for those who have.

Rating: 7.5/10

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