Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker Review


June 9, 2015 by

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Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker is an updated rerelease of Devil Survivor 2, a Nintendo DS game that was released in North America in 2012, for the Nintendo 3DS. This game not only includes all the content of the original game, it also adds a new story, several new demons, and features crisper artwork and voice-acting. This updated rerelease really does feel like a great deal of effort was put into it, and it is very enjoyable to play.

The most prominent of the new features is the Triangulum Arc, a separate story mode that tells a new story that is a somewhat sequel to the original Septentrione Arc, and features a new character named Miyako Hotsuin and new alien invaders: the Triangulum. While the Triangulum Arc does not follow any of the possible endings from the Septentrione Arc, it still tells a very solid story that showcases the character development that the player characters experienced in the original game. The boss fights are a lot of fun, using their gimmicks to provide unique challenges. Such gimmicks include acquired immunity to elements used to kill certain units and a status effect that makes players weak to certain attacks.

This game features a great deal of voice-acting, which is very solid and well-done. Daichis voice actor, Ben Diskin, does an especially good job at making the character come to life. The new demons are also a major plus, featuring several familiar faces such as the Mother Harlot, Dionysus, Sandalphon, Xi Wangmu, and even the Frost Five from Soul Hackers. Some of these demons are distributed through SpotPass on a weekly basis, and though one batch of demons becomes unavailable when a new batch of demons is distributed, distribution is done in a cycle, so players that missed one pack will have a chance to download them again. Paid DLC is handled quite well; there are only three pieces of paid DLC and none of them contain anything that goes toward 100% completion of the game.

One thing that players of the original game might notice is that the script has undergone some retranslation, with certain lines being changed. Most of these changes are very small, such as simple phrases simply being worded differently, while other changes are much more notable. Thankfully, the new lines still capture the spirit of what is being said for the most part, and even new lines that change the speakers tone still manage to feel in-character and not out-of-place. Unfortunately, the retranslation does have several grammatical errors, and a few other things that I will mention below.

Aside from a few grammatical errors, some lines do not match what the voice actor is saying and there is one particular moment where bits of Japanese can be seen in the textbox. The Triangulum Arc could also be balanced a bit better. It is clear that the creators meant for the Triangulum Arc to be played after the Septentrione Arc, which means that players who begin with the Triangulum Arc will find themselves facing powerful enemies with very little skills to use. One can at least be relieved that this game does not have two major problems that Devil Survivor: Overclocked had: an infamous bug that caused the game to sometimes freeze when players tried to access memory cards on the battlefield, or leaving an entire paragraph in Japanese.

This updated rerelease is definitely a must-have for any fans of the Shin Megami Tensei games. It is clear that the developers had learned from their rerelease of Devil Survivor, and this rerelease shows that more effort was put into it It has a great deal of new content for old players to enjoy, from voice-acting to a new story mode big enough to feel like an entirely new game. Players new and old are sure to find that this game has a lot to offer them.

Rating: 9.5/10

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