Ys Chronicles I & II Review (PSP)

Posted on April 26, 2011 by
Ys Chronicles I & II Review (PSP)

Review by Louis Bedigian

"During the late '90s, hundreds of thousands of gamers were turned into RPG enthusiasts. This was quickly evidenced by the enormous sales figures for the original Parasite Eve, among other RPGs that followed the release of Final Fantasy VII. At the time, classic games like Breath of Fire and Lunar: The Silver Star were given new life as players searched for greatness within the genre.

Still, there was one franchise that stayed in the shadows: Ys. Known to many as "that RPG with an unusual title," the Ys franchise hasn't received the acclaim or the attention of the big players of the industry. That might come as a surprise to those who have played the series considering the success that equally obscure games (ex: Alundra, Wild Arms, Brave Fencer Musashi) had on the PSone."

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