Youmacon X - 2014 Anime Convention Recap

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Youmacon X - 2014 Anime Convention Recap

Youmacon X 2014 was held at the Renaissance Center and Cobo Hall on October 30 through November 2 in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The attendee count was about 16,000 people! It has grown so much from when it was just starting out. They offered badges in the form of three-day pass for $60. For a one-day pass: Friday - $30, Saturday - $40, Sunday - $20.

Youmacon X 2014 - Photo 1

I did not really attend many panels, instead choosing to wander around with my friends oohing and ahhing at all the cool cosplays. I went to a lot of the AMV panels because I have a real love for them, and they were pretty interesting. Plus they were showing the new AMV Hell 7, I couldn't pass that up! Here is the panel listings for your curious eyes:

Youmacon X 2014 - Photo 2

I was really impressed by the amount of panels, although Youmacon generally has a great line up of panels, although it seemed like all the good panels were at the same time so we had to pick and choose which we wanted to go to. They had a huge guest list! I was with a Space Dandy cosplayer friend so we kept running into Ian Sinclair, Dandys English voice actor so that was really cool!

I wish I took a picture of the game rooms, they were really impressive. They had two separate game rooms, one was dedicated to console and computer games, whereas the other was for arcade like games. They even had a Taiko Drum machine!! I was so excited!

Youmacon X 2014 - Photo 4

The dealers room was impressive as always, located in Cobo Hall, the artists alley and regular dealers were in one massive warehouse. Anime goods far as the eye could see and wallets crying out in despair.

Youmacon X 2014 - Photo 5

My friends and I weren't staying at the Ren Cen, so I didn't pay much attention, but it seems like the elevator issue was handled quite well this year. I didnt have a bad experience with staffers, aside from them not wearing their staff badges and wondering why people weren't doing as they say. Other than that, I really love Youmacon, and next to Acen, one of my favorite conventions!