Youmacon 2013 (Detroit Anime Convention) Recap

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Youmacon 2013 (Detroit Anime Convention) Recap

On Saturday November 2, 2013, I took my husband down to Detroit, Michigan for the Youmacon Anime/Comic Convention that was held in the Cobo Hall and Renaissance Center. This was for both of us our very first convention of the sort and I must say we were both pleasantly surprised. The first thing I have to say is that both the Cobo Hall and Renaissance Center are huge! Both of these places were massive enough that it felt like two different conventions could have been held together at the same time as not every floor or room was used. If you need a place to hold an event such as this, these are definitely the places to look for.

We got there a little after 10:00 AM and set forth inside Cobo Hall and right away felt awkward about being some of the only people not dressed up. Every anime and videogame character were passing before my eyes. The talent some people showed at getting their costume just right was impressive.

Dark Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Bio Machine EVA Unit 01 from Evangelion

Simon Petrikov AKA Ice King from Adventure Time

We started over at the Dealer’s Den / Artist Alley where you could buy merchandise from different gaming and video companies as well as all the artwork that artists were selling. Once again, I was blown away by the talent that some of these artists were showcasing in their wares.

I quickly proceeded in buying everything that intrigued me and ended up with some plushies, artwork, and some pins. Here is my haul.

While in the Dealer’s Den / Artist Alley, we saw Sonny Strait, a well-known voice actor most notably for his roles as Krillin from Dragon Ball Z and Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist. In looking through the Yomacon booklet there were many special guest voice actors that were attending this year such as Brad Swalie, the voice of Light from Death Note and D.C. Douglas, the voice of Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil Series.

Upon leaving the Dealer’s Den / Artist Alley, we went over to see what kinds of panels were going on. Unfortunately, a lot of them were not happening until around 3:00 PM, but let me name a few interesting ones that we saw and the descriptions for them. First there was “How to Sail a Ship” and this was where people come to discuss their favorite character pairings and how best to represent them whether in art or fanficiton. Next was “How to Not Be a Con Creeper” which from the description was giving tips on how to not freak people out while attending the convention. Proper rules and etiquette for handling yourself one might say. Last one that looked appealing was “Pimp My Gundam”, which was described as “Head on over to our pimping panel to see how to pimp your Gundam up right”. I can only imagine how that panel went.

We chose to visit the Renaissance Center next where the gaming center was located. In order to get there, we needed to take the People Mover, which was basically a tram ride around Detroit. Let me say, there is nothing quite like waiting for the tram surrounded by cosplayers and seeing the tram pull in filled to the brim with even more cosplayers.

Group of Eevee Cosplayers

We made it to the Renaissance Center and were greeted by the gaming room.

This room was filled with every videogame console you could think of and were all set up for people to just sit down for a minute to play some videogames. There were also tournaments going on such as Super Smash Brothers Melee, Halo 4, and Call of Duty 2. My husband and I chose a Street Fighter game to sit down and play. I of course lost and had to see my husband’s character, Vega, give me the best Miley Cyrus impression for the winning screen.

We took our leave not long after this, but Youmacon 2013 extended from Thursday October 31st through Sunday November 3rd and every hour was jammed pack full of different events and things for people to do. No matter what time you came, you can be sure there was something for you to experience. Just watching the people in their costumes was an event in itself for me. As my first Anime/Comic Con, I would definitely mark this as a resounding successfully trip. Please by all means, come to this event if you are looking for a first convention to attend or just wanting to have a fun time. Visit their website at for more details on future events and more reviews of this year’s convention.