Youmacon 2012 (Detroit Anime Convention) - Recap

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Youmacon 2012 (Detroit Anime Convention) - Recap

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Youmacon 2012, the massive anime convention, was held at both the Renaissance Center and at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. This took place between November 1 - 4, 2012. The best bang for the buck was the option for a three-day pass for $60. For a one-day pass: Friday - $30, Saturday - $40, Sunday - $20. There were over 10,000 people at last year’s convention.

There was a Battle Opera where video game tournaments were held. I got only a small glimpse of what was going on while we were at Cobo Hall. This looks like a fun event for gamers to take advantage of. The games included the likes of Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat, among others. Players used the old-school-style joysticks and played it out on the big screen projector or other smaller setups along the room. The Battle Opera is a relatively recent addition to Youmacon and I'm glad to see the emphasis on gaming as well. There were also a fair amount of cosplayers that went as video game characters.

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The Cobo Hall held the main floor with all the booths in addition to the Battle Opera. Cobo Hall was a little bit of a walk from the Renaissance and we followed other cosplayers to get there from where we were at the Renaissance Center.

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There were booths from Funimation / FYE selling anime and giving away mini-posters. Other booths included anime and video game stores, artists showing and selling their creations. These booths filled the designated room and were reminiscent of comic conventions that we've been to in the past, except for a heavy focus on anime and related.

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Another popular place for cosplayers was right outside the Renaissance Center and people were photographing those in costume.

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At the upper level of the Renaissance Center there were rooms where people could watch showings of different anime titles and movies. This was a nice break from walking around. I was able to check out Ranma ½ Live Action movie and Mass Effect anime.
Some of the guests at Youmacon 2012 included: Shinichi Watanabe, Scott McNeil, Brad Swaile, Cherami Leigh, Sonny Strait, Caitlin Glass, James Carter Cathcart, Tia Ballard, Carrie Keranen, Tom Wayland, Fred Gallagher, and The Potter Puppet Pals.

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There were just a couple of dissatisfying attributes to this year's Youmacon. People who had pre-registered for passes had to wait longer than usual in line for their passes. Also, they had run out of programs and weren't available until Saturday afternoon. This made it harder to figure out what to do, at least initially. I hope they are able to rectify these couple of issues for next year.

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Overall, this was a fun convention this year full of events and booths. There were thousands of cosplayers filling the Renaissance Center, outside posing by the water and also at Cobo Hall. It was cool to see so many people dressed up for the event, portraying their favorite characters from anime, comics, and/or video games. The booths in Cobo Hall were filled with many stores and places to buy cool anime, manga, video games, and related merchandise. There were also many panels held throughout the weekend-long event. I’m looking forward to Youmacon 2013! Hope to see you there!

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Full Disclosure: We were provided two press passes to cover Youmacon 2012.