Yo-Kai Watch Arrives in North America Today

Posted on November 6, 2015 by
Yo-Kai Watch Arrives in North America Today

The monster-collecting Nintendo 3DS game Yo-Kai Watch has recently been released in North America.

Developed by Level-5, Yo-Kai Watch takes place in a world populated by Yo-kai, supernatural entities that come in many shapes, sizes, and dispositions. The Yo-kai have the power to influence people, both positively and negatively. There are Yo-kai that cause people to bicker, Yo-kai that make people forgetful, Yo-kai that cause people to buy things carelessly, and more. Players take the role of a young boy or young girl who gains an object called the Yo-kai Watch, a device that allows them to not only see Yo-kai, but also to summon them to battle more troublesome Yo-kai.

Yo-kai can be befriended in several ways. Some join after being given their favorite food and then defeated in battle. Some can be purchased through an in-game Gasha Machine using in-game coins or Nintendo 3DS Play Coins. Some Yo-kai are gained by evolving weaker Yo-kai, and some are gained by completing subquests. There are even some that can only be obtained by collecting a certain set of Yo-kai.

A European release for Yo-Kai Watch has been announced to be in 2016, though no concrete date has been given yet.