Xbox 720 Unconfirmed Document Leaked.

Posted on June 17, 2012 by
Xbox 720 Unconfirmed Document Leaked.

A 56-page document has leaked which appears to reveal the plans for Microsoft's next home console.

The console will apparently support Blu-ray discs, 1080p and 3D movie playback. It also reveals that the console will be at least four times as powerful as the current Xbox 360 and have backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games. As well as revealing information about the console, the leaked document unveils a new Kinect v2 and AR glasses technology, very similar to Google's recently revealed Project Glass.

The document unveils a price of $299 for the upcoming console and suggests that the console will be highly integrated into the living room environment.

This document may be either true, or an elaborate, very in-depth hoax. Microsoft has since responded, saying, 'we do not comment on rumors or speculation.'

Source: Scribd
Via: IGN