Weapons and NPC Information for Nights of Azure Released

Posted on December 10, 2015 by
Weapons and NPC Information for Nights of Azure Released

Publisher KOEI TECMO has recently released some new information for the upcoming RPG Nights of Azure by Gust Co. Ltd. This information covers weapons and NPCs that will be featured in the game.

Nights of Azure tells the story of Arnice, a member of the knightly order Curia. She is tasked with protecting humanity from the azure-blooded demons that appear when night falls. Humanity had emerged victorious against a being known as the Ruler of the Night, but the monster's blue blood scattered across the land, tainting those it comes in contact with. The game will not only have Arnice fighting against these monsters, but also explore her relationship with a saint whose destiny is to seal what remains of the Ruler of the Night.

The game features several weapon types for Arnice to use in real-time combat. Not only will Arnice use swords and guns, but she will also make use of weapons such as a battle hammer that deals area damage, a dagger that inflicts a bleeding effect on foes, and a longsword that drains blood from enemies to increase attack bonuses.

Some of the characters that Arnice will come into contact with include a hotel manager named Simon, a strange doctor named Dr. Alucard, a scavenger and merchant named Llyod, and an elder Curia knight named Corinne. However, Arnice will also come into contact with stranger characters. There is Christophorus, a mask-wearing demon that lives in the Opera House and occasionally gives advice to Arnice. There is also Mistral, another demon who is searching for the soul of the Ruler of the Night.

Nights of Azure will be released in North America on March 29, 2016.