Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Trailer Released

Posted on September 3, 2014 by
Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Trailer Released

Ubisoft has recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Watch_Dogs DLC “Bad Blood.”

“Bad Blood” is a new story campaign featuring the hacker T-Bone, a character met in the main game campaign. T-Bone will embark on ten new missions that take place shortly after the events of the main game. T-Bone has infiltrated Blume in order to plant a false trail but ends up getting a panicked phone call from a former colleague by the name of Tobias Frewer. T-Bone decides to help out, but soon realizes there is more to Tobias’s story than he initially thought.

“Bad Blood” offers players access to “Street Sweep” contracts, a set of new side missions that are playable in co-op, allowing the player and a friend to join forces in order to take on the criminals of Chicago. There will also be new exclusive weapons, perks, and outfits; one of the most prominent new features is a remote-controlled car named “Eugene” that can be upgraded with both offensive and defensive perks.

“Bad Blood” will be available for download on September 23, 2014 for Season Pass holders and September 30, 2014 for all others.