Untold Story Playable Teaser Released

Posted on September 2, 2015 by
Untold Story Playable Teaser Released

Candlelight Studios has recently released a playable teaser of their upcoming game Untold Story. Untold Story is a 2D RPG game that combines the graphics found in NES games with modern storytelling. Originally a smaller game, Candlelight Studios has resumed work on it ever since their previous game The Empty Inn was launched on Steam.

The playable teaser can be found by clicking here.

The story centers around Adrasteia, a knight who had been cast away by the country she once served. She has been forced to live in an area far away from the place she once called home, and she will need to adapt as quickly as possible. Along the way she will meet a wide cast of characters, some of them returning from the previous version of Untold Story, while others are newcomers. People who have played the original version of the game will find that familiar characters have been expanded upon and revised for a much longer game.

More information on Untold Story can be found by visiting the website of Candlelight Studios.