Tropico 5 "Paradise Lost" DLC Available on PlayStation 4

Posted on August 20, 2015 by
Tropico 5

"Paradise Lost," the second DLC bundle for Tropico 5, has recently been released on the PlayStation 4. This DLC bundle contains three pieces of DLC: "Surfs Up," "Gone Green," and "Supervillain."

In "Surfs Up," El Presidente must save the world from an intergalactic threat, though help comes in one of the strangest forms: dolphins. "Gone Green" is a chance for El Presidente to be more humanitarian, with the goal of turning Tropico into a paradise that makes use of clean energy sources. For those who wish to indulge their darker sides, "Supervillain" gives El Presidente the goal of achieving world domination and becoming the world’s most dangerous ruler.

The DLC pack also comes with new buildings: the Wind Farm, the Dolphinarium, and the Giant Laser, all of which can be used in all game modes. Players can also enjoy three new dynasty avatar accessories: the Hippie-Hair, the Diving Mask, and the Evil Stache. There are also three new sandbox maps for players to enjoy: Isabella, Qualichi, and Isla del Pescado.

"Paradise Lost" can be purchased on the PlayStation Store here.