Through the Woods Trailer Released

Posted on May 11, 2015 by
Through the Woods Trailer Released

Antagonist has recently released a trailer for their upcoming game Through the Woods.

Through the Woods is a third-person psychological horror game that puts players into the shoes of a mother named Karen, who lives on the coast of Norway. Karen is being interrogated about the mysterious disappearance of her son, and gameplay reveals her side of the story. Playing as Karen, who is armed only with a flashlight, players must navigate all sorts of dreadful locations: the woods, decrepit cabins, and caverns. To make things worse, there are dangerous things lurking about that Karen must avoid.

Sound will be a key aspect of the game, and players will need to be mindful of the noises around them if they want to survive. Monsters are often attracted to Karen's flashlight, and turning off the lights makes it easier to tell which direction a sound is coming from. The game will also feature dynamic narration, so the dialogue between Karen and her interrogator will change depending on her actions.

The game is currently scheduled for a Q1 2016 release.