The Wait Is Over! World of Tanks Available On Xbox One!

Posted on July 29, 2015 by
The Wait Is Over! World of Tanks Available On Xbox One!

The battle lines are drawn and the wait is officially over! World of Tank is now available globally on Xbox One. This game, which was custom built for the platform, will harness the power of the console as players will now be able to play cross-platform between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

World of Tanks for Xbox One delivers stunning enhanced graphics and a new PVE mode along with voice chat between platforms and the ability to share achievements through a single Xbox Live account. Furthermore, a single Xbox Live account sign-in between the two platforms will preserve all tech tree progress and in-game research.

Denny Thorley, SVP of product development at Wargaming, explained that "Across all platforms, World of Tanks has one of the most dedicated online communities of players and we are expanding that community as we break new ground with this revolutionary cross-platform play functionality on consoles. With this technological innovation we are able to bridge the battle between Xbox One and Xbox 360 tankers, and we're excited to offer players their first-ever opportunity to play across the two, together and seamlessly."

Player can also expect to see enhanced combat graphics and lingering battle damage because of the heightened Havok damage physics. The new "Proving Ground" PVE mode will also provide the perfect entry point for new tankers and an excellent practice arena for existing tankers. And to top it off, players will be able to share every glorious victory via the full slate of social and streaming support offered on the Xbox One platform!