The Park Released on Steam Today

Posted on October 27, 2015 by
The Park Released on Steam Today

Funcom, makers of the MMO The Secret World, has recently announced that their first-person horror game The Park has been released on Steam today. The game is about one to two hours long and focuses on storytelling, exploration, and psychological horror.

In The Park, players take on the role of Lorraine, a woman whose son Callum has gone missing. Her search for Callum takes her to the Atlantic Island Park, an amusement park that was closed due to a series of dark incidents. As the sun sets, Lorraine will need to venture into the park to find Callum, all while uncovering the mysteries that it hides. However, it seems as though some things in the park have taken a life of their own, and Lorraine’s own inner demons may surface as she goes deeper.

The Park takes place in the same universe as The Secret World. Players of The Secret World who also purchase The Park will gain special items for their game account. These items include the Chipmunk Killer Suit and the Woodcutter's Talismans. The Park is a standalone game and players do not need to play The Secret World to understand it.

More information can be found on the official site. The Steam page can be found here.