The Mechanics Of "Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders" Revealed

Posted on November 24, 2015 by
The Mechanics Of

Publisher Microids and developers Artefacts Studio have revealed details about the making of "Agatha Christie â€" The A.B.C. Murders", their new adventure and investigation game for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac, through the first of three behind the scenes videos.

A mysterious letter from a certain "A.B.C." is sent to Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective, announcing a murder which is about to be committed. Even more worrying is the disconcerting confidence of the serial killer, who does not hesitate to mock the police force andquestion Hercule Poirot's intelligence!
The chase will lead the player around England for a complex investigation in which it will be necessary to be observant, quick-witted and level-headed.

In this first video, the game's creators explain the various aspects of gameplay, seen through the eyes of its unique main character. It has been designed to test Hercule Poirot's famous little grey cells, and through him, those of the players.

-OBSERVATION SEQUENCES: in the subjective view sequences, the players must position Hercule Poirot's sight so that he can observe the important details of a crime scene, surroundings or character, and discover the clues necessary to the investigation

-QUESTIONING SEQUENCES: the players can find out more information from the various protagonists of the story by selecting from a choice of questions. Hercule Poirot's legendary insight allows him to notice  almost imperceptible witness' changes of attitude and reactions to the questions.

-COLLECT AND USE THE OBJECTS: From time to time, players (acting as Poirot) will need to collect an object and use it at the right place on the right character, in order to progress in the game play.

-PUZZLE GAMES: "THE ABC Murders" features over fifteen varied puzzle games that the players will need to solve to collect a hidden object or open a secret compartment.

-"LITTLE GREY CELLS" MENU: in these compulsory sequences, the players will need to answer questions about the murders or the suspects, using the clues they have gathered previously.

After investigating each case, the players will need to piece together the events that led to the murderer in chronological order.

The "Agatha Christie â€" The A.B.C. Murders" adventure game is due to be released first quarter of 2016 on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. It is dubbed in English and French and subtitled in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Russian.