The Last of Us Special Edition Information Arrives

Posted on January 22, 2013 by
The Last of Us Special Edition Information Arrives

New information has arrived from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on the upcoming Naughty Dog, Inc. game The Last of Us: there will be two special pre-order editions, each one based on one of the two protagonists of the game.

The Last of Us is the tale of a world that had been ravaged by disaster, a world where the survivors either live in walled-off sections or scavenge about in the outside world for anything that can be used to further their own survival. The game follows two survivors, a scavenger and smuggler by the name of Joel and a wise-beyond-her-years teenager named Ellie, as they attempt to survive in a world that has degenerated into a “kill or be killed” mentality.

The special preorder editions come in the Joel and Ellie edition. Every special edition contains a miniature artbook, the first issue in a comic book series based on the game created in partnership with Dark Horse Comics, and bonus game content in the form of the Survivors DLC Pack. This DLC pack contains multiplayer bonuses such as bonus experience points, melee boosters, in-game currency, and customizable character items.

There are also bonuses that depend on which character version is preordered. The special edition also features a collectable poster, a skin for the PS3 controller, in-game character skins, and LittleBigPlanet Sackboy skins; these bonuses feature one of the protagonists of the game depending on which version is preordered.

The Last of Us is slated for a May7, 2013 launch.