The Final Station Announcement Trailer Released

Posted on January 12, 2016 by
The Final Station Announcement Trailer Released

An announcement trailer for the upcoming game The Final Station has been released. The game is being developed by Oleg Sergeyev and Andrey Rumak; it is also being published by tinyBuild.

The Final Station is a post-apocalyptic game where players take on the role of a train engineer. Infected hordes stalk the surface of the world and civilization has pretty much come to an end. However, the players own a locomotive, and it can take players wherever there are railroads as long as the players feed it enough fuel.

Players can pick up survivors along the way, gaining perks and hindrances depending on the survivors. Players can also step out of the train to look for supplies, though they will need to deal with the infected hordes once they leave the safety of the locomotive.

The Final Station will be released sometime in Summer 2016. The game's official site can be found here, while its Steam page can be found here.