System Shock 3 in Development

Posted on December 14, 2015 by
System Shock 3 in Development

OtherSide Entertainment, the development studio behind the upcoming fantasy RPG Underworld Ascendant, has recently announced that System Shock 3 is in development.

A teaser site had been put up last week, and SHODAN, main antagonist of the System Shock series, can be heard mocking visitors to the site with new taunts each day. Fans can now listen to voice actress Terri Brosius, who is reprising her role as SHODAN from the earlier games, on the teaser site. They can also get a sneak peek at the 'next generation' look of the character, with the artwork done by artist Robb Waters.

System Shock 3 is still in early development, but fans can register on the teaser site to get updates as they become available. More information on OtherSide Entertainment can be found on the following sites:

* Facebook.
* Twitter.
* YouTube.
* Twitch.