Sumioni: Demon Arts To Be Released March 20, 2012

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Sumioni: Demon Arts To Be Released March 20, 2012

Sumioni: Demon Arts, developed by ACQUIRE and published by XSEED Games, is currently in production and will release on the PlayStation Vita system on March 20, 2012 for $19.99 via PSN. Sumioni: Demon Arts contains 30 stages and multiple endings. There are also online leaderboards and support for DLC after launch.

About Sumioni: Demon Arts:
Set in ancient Japan and presented in a classical Japanese sumi-e ink art style, Sumioni is literally translated from Japanese as "ink demon", and puts players in control of Agura, a single Inkdemon who has been summoned from a long slumber to help rid the land of a sinister evil. During their adventure, players will experience epic boss battles and a branching story with diverging arcs and multiple endings.

As they battle their way through ancient Japan, players will use the standard button-based controls of PS Vita system to control Agura, while the PS Vita system touchscreen may also be used to manipulate the environment and help Agura navigate the games world. A swipe of the finger across the touchscreen will 'paint' brushstroke-like platforms into the game world that Agura can then use to avoid enemy attacks or traverse obstacles. Touchscreen features can also be used to summon helpful allies known as Inkgods, including the lion-like Shidou, who tramples enemies with massive ground attacks, as well as Yomihi, the fiery airborne phoenix. The PS Vita system touchscreen can also be used to battle foes with powerful elemental attacks, such as water, fire and lightning.