Story Trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines Released

Posted on December 27, 2012 by
Story Trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines Released

A story trailer for SEGA’s upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines has been released.

Based on the hit Alien franchise, players take the role of a member of the United States Colonial Marine squad that is facing down an alien assault of terrifying intensity. Armed with several weapons, the marines must battle their way through several levels, starting from the abandoned ship Sulaco, to exterminate the aliens without being horribly eviscerated or meeting a worse fate.

Aliens: Colonial Marines features a story-driven single-player campaign as well as a four-player co-op mode where each player takes control of a colonial marine and work together to kill the aliens. More multiplayer modes have been promised in the future.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is currently looking at a February 12, 2013 release.