Standard Editions of Toradora! Volume 1 & 2 Announced

Posted on May 22, 2011 by
Standard Editions of Toradora! Volume 1 & 2 Announced

NISA has announced standard editions of Toradora! Volume 1 & 2 and WAGNARIA!! the Complete Series. Toradora! Volume 1 & 2 each carry a MSRP of $44.99. WAGNARIA!! has a MSRP of $49.99.

Toradora! Volume 1:
Ryuji Takasu is unfortunately cursed with his father's threatening face and is labeled a "delinquent" because of it. Taiga Aisaka is a notorious girl with the nickname "Palm-top Tiger." An unlikely duo, the two form a shaky alliance to assist one another.

Toradora! Volume 2:
The high school festival has ended and the odds for both Ryuji and Taiga to get their crushes to notice them seem to have diminished. Taiga and Ryuji's friends will make the greatest sacrifice of all to grant their wishes.

A high school boy that loves small, cute things starts working at the family restaurant Wagnaria. He is flabbergasted by its deviant culture, but gradually learns to acclimate himself. One day, however, he meets a young woman who will alter his fate for good.