Square Enix Montreal Announces Free Holiday Update for Hitman: Sniper & "Hitman Essentials" iOS Game Bundle

Posted on December 11, 2015 by
Square Enix Montreal Announces Free Holiday Update for Hitman: Sniper &

Square Enix Montreal has released a new free holiday-themed update for its competitive mobile shooter, Hitman: Sniper on the App Store (coming to Android soon). The free Sniper DLC, titled "Merry Hitmas" includes festive new weaponry, challenges, decor and music. The award-winning studio also announced a "Hitman Essentials" iOS game bundle, which includes both Hitman: Sniper and Hitman GO for $5.99 USD, available on the iOS App Store for a limited time only.

Hitman: Sniper's new "Merry Hitmas" update brings the holiday spirit to Montenegro, with presents and seasonal decorations scattered throughout the city. The update also introduces "The Merry Maker" - a new sniper rifle that shoots a variety of festive ammunition. From bullets that freeze NPCs to death before shattering them into pieces, to deadly presents that lure NPCs in before delivering a deadly explosion, this new rifle is a merry addition to Agent 47's in-game arsenal.

Hitman: Sniper is a leaderboard-driven, competitive sniping game. As Agent 47, you will need to observe your targets' movements across an expansive mansion and execute them in creative ways. Complete more than 100 missions and unlock new deadly sniper rifles equipped with new abilities to rule the leaderboards. Find smart ways to use accidental and environmental kills, X-Ray kills, lures, double headshots and body disposals, all the while remaining undetected, to make your way to the top.

Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game where you will strategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies, infiltrate well-guarded locations and take out your target on beautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces. You really have to think about each move and all the Hitman tools of the trade you would expect are included; disguises distractions, sniper rifles and even 47's iconic Silverballers. Developed by Square Enix Montreal, Hitman GO is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

Hitman GO was honored for Best Game Design and Best iOS Game in the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards, and Hitman: Sniper has followed suit, recently winning the award for Best Technology in 2015.