Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake Add-on Released

Posted on March 12, 2013 by
Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake Add-on Released

The cop-drama game Sleeping Dogs by Square Enix and United Front Games has recently had a new add-on released, dubbed “Year of the Snake.”

The “Year of the Snake” add-on continues the story of Wei Shen as he rejoins the Hong Kong Police Department. His reunion isn’t a smooth one as he soon becomes tangled within the chaos of Hong Kong, one instigated by a doomsday cult known as the Cult of the Snake. Believing that murder is a path to righteous salvation, the Cult of the Snake is intent on racking up a high body count in preparation for Judgment Day.

The add-on will have several missions in which Wei Shen must race against time in order to prevent the cult from claiming more innocent lives. He will have extra weapons in his arsenal, including a tear gas launcher and an electroshock pistol, as well as other abilities that he will need to put to good use in order to stop the Cult of the Snake from bombing Hong Kong and capture their leader. The add-on will also have new outfits for Wei Shen.

The “Year of the Snake” is now available for download.