Sir, You are Being Hunted Multiplayer v1.0 Released

Posted on October 9, 2015 by
Sir, You are Being Hunted Multiplayer v1.0 Released

Big Robot has recently announced that the multiplayer mode of their game Sir, You are Being Hunted has been released. Multiplayer mode is currently in v1.0.

In Sir, You are Being Hunted, players take on the role of humans trapped on an archipelago of five islands. What really makes their situation so dangerous is that the islands are populated by robots, and these robots want to kill humans. Players need to find a way off the islands while also making sure to evade the robots hunting them. There are different models of robots, each with different skills, so players will need to be observant to avoid being killed.

The multiplayer mode aims to be a mix between cooperative gameplay and player vs. player matches. Players will want to work together at first to help each other deal with the robots. However, only one person can leave the archipelago, and that means that alliances will inevitably break down once the group needs to decide who gets to leave.

More information on how to set up and play multiplayer can be found here.