Shuto Con 2014 Recap

Posted on May 4, 2014 by
Shuto Con 2014 Recap

Shuto Con, Lansing's Annual Anime Convention, took place April 4th through the 6th this year. Fellow anime reviewer, Elizabeth Williams, and I set out to the convention on Saturday to see what the Con had to offer. Upon entering the Lansing Center, we knew we were in the right place as vast arrays of cosplayers were mingling about. Our "greeting" was almost getting run over by a Disney's Frozen's Anna running about singing. Having avoided the running princess, we set out to get registered.

The booklet one got upon registering had a lot of information on upcoming panels such as How to Make Bento and Writing the Perfect Fanfiction. There was also information on special guests attending. Voice Actors and Actresses like Monica Rial (EG. Voice of Sakura from Tsubasa and Renge from Ouran High School Host Club) and Chris Rager (EG. Voice of Hercule and King Yemma from Dragon Ball Z) were all there ready to greet and talk with fans. At the time we got there though, none of the exhibits or panels were in full swing yet, so we set out to greet the cosplayers and get some pictures of them.

I am still struck by some of the creativity that some of the cosplayers showed in getting their costumes just right. For example, there was a pair that went as Ghost Busters and their ghost pack was set to play the Ghost Buster's theme song.

Everyone we asked for pictures was more than willing to strike a pose and I hope our pictures were able to do their costumes justice. My favorite couple was the two cosplayers going as female Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Artist and Dealer's den for buying all sorts of Con merchandise opened as we were wrapping up cosplay pictures and Liz and I set in. Plushies, comics, artwork, DVDs, and figurines galore were all displayed. I only had so much money so I restrained myself, but just barely. I made out with a cute Alpaca plushie called an Arpakasso and a signed Invader Zim poster from the voice of Gir, Rikki Simons. Being a huge fan of that show, I couldn't pass it up and Liz and I enjoyed a few moments discussing our favorite Gir moments with him.

As we rounded a corner of the exhibits we came across a Transformer cosplayer who went the extra mile in becoming Optimus Prime. The costume was huge and had its own space for people to stop at and take pictures. If the cosplayer could have moved with just a bit more fluidity, they could have been a shoe in for a win at the Cosplay Battles taking place in the room across the hall. The Battle Arena was where cosplayers could duke it out with padded swords to see who would come out as the winner. This year's theme was Adventure Time.

Upon grabbing our Con goods, Liz and I set out for the gaming center, which was located at the Radisson Hotel. There were several televisions with various video games connected and ready for play. Some examples included Minecraft, Halo, and Dance Dance Revolution. A Pokemon Tournament was also held where participants battled gym leaders to earn badges and win prizes. All in all, Shuto Con was a great time.