Sentinel 4: Dark Star Released on Steam Today

Posted on August 13, 2015 by
Sentinel 4: Dark Star Released on Steam Today

Sentinel 4: Dark Star, the latest game in the Sentinel sci-fi tower defense series, has recently been released on Steam.

As the most recent episode of the Sentinel series, Sentinel 4: Dark Star brings an interstellar war to a new alien planet. The planet is home to an enemy that is smarter and deadlier than any other ever encountered. However, the player will have new towers and technology to use against this foe. The Dark Star holds quite a few mysteries, and players will need to use their wits if they are to solve them all.

The game's key features include:

  • A main campaign with 31 maps, all of which can be used in Endless Mode as well.

  • An assortment of weapons, including the powerful unlockable Uber Towers.

  • The ability to call for support using the Sentinel’s ship weapons and a Stronghold filled with drones, nukes, and other weaponry.

  • Commander Heroes that can be used to bolster defense. These heroes get stronger as they level up and gain new abilities in the process.

  • The ability to upload scores to the Global Nexus, contributing in a worldwide push for rewards. Scores will also be displayed on leaderboards.

  • A remastered look for the PC, its visuals and interface overhauled to better fit a desktop screen.

The Steam page for Sentinel 4: Dark Star can be found here.