River City Soccer Hooligans available on DS

Posted on June 9, 2010 by
River City Soccer Hooligans available on DS

“There is only one word to describe River City Soccer Hooligans: GOOOOAAAAAAAAAL!”, states Frank “Bo” deWindt II, Associate Producer, Aksys Games. “Soccer fused with crazy weather conditions and super-shot attacks aplenty create an amazing Kunio experience!”

River City Soccer Hooligans Key Features:
- Challenge the world’s best soccer teams! Select your matches from 12 opposing teams from around the world.
- Practice mode allows the player to improve their techniques by customizing the conditions.
- Unlock 50 unique items for your teammates by fulfilling conditions during matches in Normal and Hard mode!
- Play either an Opponent Match (2 vs. 2) or a PK Match (Penalty Kick) with friends or against the CPU.