Retro Arcade Shooter, Zotrix, Blasts Onto The PlayStation Store

Posted on December 8, 2015 by
Retro Arcade Shooter, Zotrix, Blasts Onto The PlayStation Store

UFO Interactive and Retroism today announced the PS4 release of the retro-styled space shooter, Zotrix. Zotrix is a twin-stick space shooter that combines the retro look and feel of 80s and 90s arcade games with modern gameplay elements, customization and depth. In Zotrix, players will experience classic fast-paced arcade shooting action that requires quick wits and even faster reflexes, paired with modern gameplay mechanics such as branching mission routes, story-driven quests, ship upgrades, resource trading and more.

"Fans of arcade shooters and space trading games will find a lot to love with Zotrix," said Jonathan Wan, CEO of Retroism's parent company, Tommo, Inc. "This is a great addition to the Retroism catalogue and we're pleased to make it our first title available for PS4."

After a successful PC, Mac and Linux release on Steam, exclusive PS4 features and content have been added to the game, including:

-Arcade Mode brings a whole new way to experience the game, with new boss fights in 20 back-to-back missions that emphasize action over the strategic depths of Story Mode.

-New boss fights with bullet-hell and puzzle components challenge your reflexes and ability to assess and dismantle your enemy.

-New power-ups and ship types can now be equipped for load outs and play styles not possible in the original release.

-New missions extend Story Mode with fresh challenges.

Co-published by Retoism and UFO Interactive, Zotrix was developed by ZeroBit, and is available today for download at a price of $14.99 on PS4 via the PlayStation Network in North America. A European release will follow in the near future.