Resistance 3 Beta Review

Posted on September 6, 2011 by
Resistance 3 Beta Review

Article by Greg Knoll.

I hate to use the term "on the fence" as it's saturated and clich-especially in the gaming industry-but I can think of no other way to describe my emotions after playing the Beta for Resistance 3.

From a gaming, mechanical standpoint I loved it. As a long time fan of the series, I can safely say 3 is shaping up to be the best in the series-at least the multi-player is. It gives players options now, and better incentives. They've put a greater effort into making it a more personal experience for gamers. I don't know about the rest of you but the restrictions Resistance 2 had were really a hindrance on the entire game. If you wanted to use a certain gun, you were forced to go with the entire load out - grenades, perks, etc. This time around, that bind has been eliminated. Well, for the most part. Your first few levels still lack any customization, initially starting you out with the Carbine and shrapnel grenades, your perks the boring ammo beacon and the sometimes useless doppelganger. Level advancement goes quick though (depending on how good you and your team are) and before you can blink, a whole world of various options open up. By level 6 you're able to customize your own, and by that point you should have access to at least the very lethal Deadeye and the always exciting Bullseye guns, as well as the Hedgehog grenade and perks like the lightning shield and spotter ability (granting you the power to see any enemy, cloaked or not). Once open, the only limit is your imagination and creativity. Personally, I'm partial to the Deadeye but in some areas and especially in close quarters it was all but useless so I was forced to redesign my strategy and switch to the Rossmore.

What happened to the ability to carry two weapons? I asked that same question. The downside-and quite possibly the upside-is that you have to earn it. You have to earn practically everything in this game, but that's what made it so exciting. The perks are actually worth your time this go around-special skills that will grant you that extra boost when you need it most, like the dual gun option mentioned above. Others, help you extract revenge on your enemies even after you're dead, like the crawlers-Chimera like insects that rip from your corpse and hunt down, then lash out at any member of the opposing force.

In addition, every level grants you skill points. They can be used to unlock even more weapons, grenades and supplements but their greatest use comes in the form of upgrading the weapons you already have. The Bullseye, for example, was almost a mock copy of the one used in 2. However, if you use your skill points to upgrade it, level 2 grants the gun explosive rounds and level 3 initiates splitter tags, that can land on several enemies at once. And each weapon has their own unique change, as do some of the perks, The more you play, the more you unlock and the more entertaining the game becomes. It matters not that they only included two maps and two modes-Team Deathmatch and Capture. I continued to grind them, oblivious to the sometimes monotonous nature simply to unlock that next upgrade and become an even more honed killing machine. I was in, from that moment and consider shelling out the money right there.

But before I ever got the opportunity, the Resistance 3 world came crashing down. Let me say that I understand glitches. They happen to everyone and that's the purpose of a Beta. I get that there weren't many people who had access to it around the same time I did. I knew finding a game would be hard. On bad days, it was almost impossible. For a week I endured and searched, eagerly seeking out opponents and savoring the time I had with the game. When they reset my stats and level the first time, I ignored it. Another reason for me to keep playing. I shrugged off those countless times the game would end mid-session and I was forced back to the menu. Didn't bother me in the least.

They took away the ability to make matches, and games could only be played with an invite. Even that, I was willing to accept. Hell, I actually posted on the Resistance 3 forums begging anyone and everyone to invite me.

Then they reset my level a second time, after I worked so hard to get back to where I was, and finally a third time. I kept dropping games and losing experience points, and players became more and more scarce, even though it had been opened up to the public. Resistance 3 became more of a struggle than entertainment.

And I get that. On some level, I even appreciate it. If they see them now, they'll fix them later when the actual game comes out but that doesn't change the fact that it's utterly frustrating. But in a good way. It's one thing to be annoyed because a game sucks and you don't want to play it, it's another thing to love a game that you're unable to play.