Red Button Games Announces Mage Tower

Posted on August 28, 2012 by
Red Button Games Announces Mage Tower

Take the depth of Dwarf Fortress, add a bunch of lazy mages, and update the interface to modern standards? That's Mage Tower in a nutshell. We're starting small and building it bigger and bigger, and you'll be able to play it the entire time!

Many companies nowadays allow users to buy early versions of a game during alpha or beta. Soon, Mage Tower will be following that path, allowing you to pre-purchase the game and play it immediately, rather than wait until it's complete. For now, a demo is available.

Game Features:
Mages with character! Their own interests, knowledge, and traits
Villages, dungeons, dragons, and mines!
Magic! Enchantments, golems, mind tricks, and explosions
Collossal towers floating in the sky
Powerful magic that carries risk as well as reward...

Visit the Official Mage Tower Website