Rebirth Tabletop Game Kickstarter

Posted on December 19, 2015 by
Rebirth Tabletop Game Kickstarter

Rebirth is a tabletop card game from Jason McCarthy(Game/Graphic designer), Adam McCarthy(Engineer/Game designer), Brooklyn Earick (former NASA Engineering intern/App developer), and Ross o Hara(Online merchandising/distribution).

Rebirth is a tabletop card game to be enjoyed by ages 10+.

It incorporates spacecraft building, space travel, planets, all types of biological organisms, DNA, Big corporations and mankind's near extinction!

It is a journey through the mass contamination and evacuation of Earth and the quest to begin terraforming Mars. We want to combine the wonders of space exploration and the mysteries of life on Earth with a strategic, fast paced, fun, educational and easy to learn card game.