Rayman Legends to be Released on PlayStation Vita

Posted on May 28, 2013 by
Rayman Legends to be Released on PlayStation Vita

Ubisoft has recently announced that the latest game in the Rayman franchise, Rayman Legends, will be released on the PlayStation Vita.

The PlayStation Vita version of Rayman Legends will include all of the original content as well as a few extras. These extras include five exclusive maps with Murphy, the green grinning fly, as the playable character. Players will control him through the Rear Touch Pad.

There will also be a multiplayer mode that is locally accessible on Wi-Fi, allowing players from the same country to work together in order to conquer the colorful quirky levels of the game. Players will also compete with one another in online challenges and can compare their scores with other players through the leaderboards.

Two exclusive costumes have also been included. One costume for Rayman is an outfit from another popular Ubisoft series, The Prince of Persia; Globox’s unique costume is that of a spy from the Splinter Cell series.

Rayman Legends for the PlayStation Vita is currently scheduled for an August 30th, 2013 release.