Rainbow Saga - Mounts, Pets and Wings Gameplay Revealed

Posted on September 22, 2014 by
Rainbow Saga - Mounts, Pets and Wings Gameplay Revealed

Rainbow Saga will launch September 2014 on Game321.com. The game is an arcade-style 2D fantasy browser-based game with anime styling.

Spread Your Wings

Rainbow Saga players will take to the skies with their very own wing sets, each coming with unique gameplay bonuses and benefits. Wings give players important attribute boosts and increased Sprint recovery speed â€" both vital for conquering the games epic bosses.

Wings look great too! With intensive training, players can upgrade their wings' plumes for extra abilities, and eventually use transformation with collect wing shards for further boosts.

Raising Pets

Questing alone is boring, so bring a unique pet to the party instead!

Rainbow Saga players will meet dozens of wild animals on their adventures, from violent dragons to cute pandas, each of which can be tamed, trained and called upon for attribute boosts.

Pets evolve alongside the player, and use special Pet Spirit items Pet Skill books to learn new skills and special abilities.

How will you raise your pet?

Battle Mounts

Huge creatures with awesome power â€" riding a well trained mount into battle is the best way to gain a competitive edge over any opponent or boss.

Rainbow Saga features a variety of mounts to compliment any play-style, coming in many shapes and sizes. With training and transformation, mounts will become powerful allies and continue to unlock new abilities to unleash in combat.

Players will find special items to nurture their mounts through quests and events, which can be put to use in a dedicated mount panel.