Pro Riders Snowboard Adds Motion Control

Posted on August 22, 2013 by
Pro Riders Snowboard Adds Motion Control

Extreme Reality (XTR3D) has brought full-body 3D motion control experiences to devices via their native or peripheral camera. The Extreme Motion technology has been incorporated into the snowboarding game from VTree Entertainment, Pro Riders Snowboard.

“Adding motion control to Pro Riders Snowboard was amazingly easy and enables us to offer a more realistic and interactive experience for our players,” said Charles Bergen, President of VTree Entertainment. “Snowboarding is an ideal sport for motion playing. When we say “You’re in the Game”™, we really mean it. Gamers are going to feel like they are actually on the slopes thanks to this first of its kind technology.”

“Pro Riders Snowboard Extreme Edition” slides onto your Windows laptop, desktop, tablet or All-in-One with stunning graphics and three challenging courses, at various levels of difficulty. Across a backdrop of snow-covered landscapes, the game allows players to do their favorite tricks, jumps and grinds while collecting coins and unlocking achievements. Now, players will stand a few feet away from their computer and move their body in the direction they want their avatar in the game to move as if they were actually snowboarding.

“VTree has shown how easy it is for developers to integrate the Extreme Motion SDK in order to provide an entirely new experience for customers of an already popular, existing game,” said Sarit Firon, CEO of Extreme Reality. “Without any hardware upgrades, Pro Riders Snowboard Extreme Edition players now have access to one of the hottest trends in gaming - using their full body motion to control the game.”

Pro Riders Snowboard is available for $14.95 from more than 100 retailers and distributors including, Onlive and Gamestop Impulse. The game is available for Windows OS laptops, desktops, tablets or All in Ones that have standard embedded cameras or by using an external webcam. A video demonstration of Pro Riders Snowboard is available here and the game will be demonstrated at the gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany, August 21-25 at booth C060.