"Pray for Dark" Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

Posted on August 20, 2012 by

Valyr Studios recently announced that they have launched the crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming PC/Mac game Pray for Dark, a game they describe as “action horror on adrenaline.”

The game features a man named Angel, often known as “the Sewer Man,” who is forced into the depths of a city filled with hellish monsters. Angel is blind, but he possesses specialized goggles with many functions, one of the most important ones using light emission and echolocation to help him see. Angel has to fight his way through the many monsters in order to reach and kill their leader: the Queen Mother.

One of the gameplay features revealed is a weaponry system that has players seeking out fuel capsules known as “juice.” Juice is used to upgrade Angel’s weapons, making them more powerful as well as granting them special abilities such the ability to incinerate monsters or even slowing time.

The kickstarter campaign will run through October 13th; more information can be found here.