Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Released Today

Posted on November 20, 2015 by
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Released Today

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, the latest addition to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, was recently released in North America.

A game that combines roguelike mechanics with the RPG mechanics found in the Pokemon games, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon once again places players into the role of a human turned into a Pokemon. After being attacked by three hostile Pokemon for no apparent reason, the player characters find themselves in a place called Serene Village. Here, they meet up with a partner Pokemon, a Pokemon who dreams of seeing what the world has to offer. Together, the two will go off on grand adventures, and maybe uncover some of the strange things that are affecting the world.

There are 120 dungeons to explore, and every known Pokemon is available to recruit, including the Legendary Pokemon Hoopa. Pokemon that are capable of using Mega Evolution in the main games can Mega Evolve in this game as well, giving them an edge when facing the many dangers of the dungeons.

Players who download the game before December 6, 2015 will get a code that gives them a special Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon theme for the Nintendo 3DS. Players who buy the retail version before December 6, 2015 can also find a code inside the game case. This code must be redeemed before October 31, 2016.