PlayStation Event 2013: PS4 Recap

Posted on February 23, 2013 by
PlayStation Event 2013: PS4 Recap

On 20 February 2013, 6:00PM live from New York, Sony exposed the 'secret' they had teased the world with a mere few weeks before, in what was dubbed to be an exclusive look into their future. Excited chatter quickly began online as many expected and hoped to see the unveiling of the next generation in console gaming: the PlayStation 4.

These hopes were not left unanswered.

Sony’s Live Conference was a monumental event and as most would agree, a highly successful presentation of the PS4’s capabilities and Sony’s intentions for the future.

Many colourful and emotive words were used in expressing their goals: simple, immediate, personal, social, and revolutionary amongst others. However it was the way in which they demonstrated these aims, showcasing how integral they would be to the make-up of the new console and the brand, which was most impressive.

Sony came out with guns blazing and chose not to hold back when it came to detailing the much-leaked specs and peripherals for the machine. The capabilities of 8 gigs of DDR5 RAM, coupled with high performance CPU/GPU capabilities are all well and good, but the way in which the PS4 intends to utilise this boost in performance is the most interesting. Instant access to your games from the first few seconds of pressing the power button - immediate.

Responsive and intuitive use of a ‘share’ option via the same named button on the controller, allowing the player to upload their gameplay direct to video hosting websites or permit friends to view and even take-over their live gameplay feed - social and thankfully, simple. The use of GAKAI technology throughout all of it’s online facilities marks the ability to instantly download sample portions of any game over PlayStation’s entire catalogue, without having to wait, at all. Revolutionary.

All of this was largely new to us all, as we had come to anticipate the announcements such as: Vita interaction; DualShock 4 controllers supporting touchpads and lightbars; PS Eye peripherals with two HD cameras, four microphones and importantly, the ability to render accurate depth of field and player fidelity. Perhaps lesser known was Sony’s intention to develop the interaction of the Vita quite so heavily in allowing PS4 games to be transferred to a Vita handheld console instantly, much like the ability of the Wii U’s iconic controller.

Finally and by no means least, Sony spent the majority of the event showcasing the games which will be coming to PS4 in the near-future, boasting tech demos with the power behind the console’s impressive technical ability and the range of crucial third party support. If anything, this marked the most important aspect of Sony’s intentions for the future, as it was unequivocally stressed that exciting gaming experiences lies at the heart of the PlayStation 4 experience. Make sure to check out the website’s news feed for further evidence of the impressive line-up.

Stand-out ‘wow’ and even odd choices among the line-up included: the blockbuster prowess of Killzone 4; the creativity and real-time gameplay esque footage of Capcom’s latest IP, Deep Down; and finally, panning shots of Master Chief in Bungie’s HQ when announcing their new partnership with Sony’s brand once more with Destiny.

In retrospect, the gaming community has left with high hopes and promises for the future of the PS4. This was no tall order, considering the hype which had emerged surrounding the event. There may be some bitterness yet in that no price or physical appearance of the console was offered. Nevertheless, Sony has come up with trumps having shown it’s hand early; with Microsoft’s assured response keenly yet to be seen.