Phoenix Wright Trilogy Released on iOS

Posted on May 30, 2013 by
Phoenix Wright Trilogy Released on iOS

Capcom has recently announced that their popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy will be released on the iOS.

This trilogy stars Phoenix Wright, a young up-and-coming defense attorney who finds himself thrown into cases that seem utterly stacked against him at first glance, especially when he’s forced to go up against several high-profile prosecutors who are utterly relentless when trying to obtain a guilty verdict. However, while Phoenix may not be as experienced as his opposition, he does have a knack for spotting crucial details that lead to contradictions and using those details to turn the cases around. With the help of his assistant Maya, Phoenix will have to scour crime scenes, interview suspects and witnesses, and piece together evidence and present it in a way that doesn’t get him tossed out of court.

The iOS release will contain all of the content found in the Nintendo DS releases. The graphics have been updated into HD and the controls have been revamped so that players can make use of the iOS touch screens for navigation. There will also be a bonus feature: the “Everyone Object” mode where players can email others with an animation of a character saying “Objection!”, “Hold it!”, and “Take that!”

The first two episodes of the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game will be available on the App Store for free with the last three episodes priced at around $5.99. The other two games will be available for $6.99 each; customers also have the option of purchasing all three games in a pack for $16.99.