Persona 4: Dancing All Night Available This Fall

Posted on July 8, 2015 by
Persona 4: Dancing All Night Available This Fall

Atlus U.S.A., Inc., known across the industry as a mark of high-quality, deeply immersive, unique Japanese video game experiences, is about to release Persona 4: Dancing All Night!

This game is a story-driven music game that takes place after the events in Persona 4. Players get pulled onto the MidnightStage when the spotlight turns to mega-idol Rise and her junior group, Kanamin Kitchen. Members of Kanamin Kitchen have disappeared and it's up to the Investigation team to mount a rescue mission - only they discover the same monstrous Shadows from the Midnight Channel. To make matters even worse, their Persona abilities are rendered ineffective, and The Shadows can only be defeated by dance.

But what's an Idol Group without cast members? Two of the characters you can count on seeing in Persona 4: Dancing All Night are Risette and Yu Narukami. Risette, the Mega-Idol Star, needs the help of the Investigation Team to save her Junior Idol group, Kanamin Kitchen when they go missing. She calls upon her old friends to go into the Midnight Stage and take on the Shadows that dwell within.

Next up is Yu Narukami, the head of the Investigation Team. Once Risette sends out the call for help, Yu and the rest of the Investigation Team are more than eager to help out. Yu leads the rest of the Investigation Team as they bust out some crazy dance moves to help fight off the Shadows!

Available this fall, Person 4: Dancing All Night will arrive in stores in both a Launch Edition as well as the Persona 4: Dancing All Night "Disco Fever" Edition! The "Disco Fever" Edition includes a 2-disc soundtrack, a full-color Teddie enameled pouch, costume DLC, and a Teddie keychain. Both the "Disco Fever" and retail launch editions will include a PS Vita skin decal and 10 matching wallpapers. So get ready to bust out some powerful dance moves and save the day!