New Update for Lord of the Rings Online

Posted on February 25, 2013 by Justin Ling
New Update for Lord of the Rings Online

A new update has arrived for The Lord of the Rings Online. This update, dubbed “Against the Shadows,” is the second part of the Riders of Rohan instance cluster and features new raids.

“The Bells of Dale” is a six-man raid that has players headed to the kingdom of Dale to ring the city bells and hold of the Easterling invasion as the townsfolk begin their retreat to Erebor; “Road to the Lonely Mountain” is a twelve-man raid that has players protecting the people of Dale as they scale up the Lonely Mountain to reach a dwarven stronghold; “The Fires of Smaug” is a twelve-man raid that has players attempting to stop Easterlings from using a pyre to spray toxic smoke into the mountains; the last one, “The Battle for Erebor,” is a twelve-man raid where players are charged with slaying the Olog-hai and driving back the Easterlings for good.

In addition to the above raids, the “In Their Absence” instances also get updated, primarily increasing the level scales to 65 - 85. The Ost Dunhoth raid has also been split into three separate encounters, retaining the original challenge while allowing players to complete the different parts in any order of their choosing.

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