New Trailer for "Vampires!" Reveals the Queen

Posted on August 3, 2012 by
New Trailer for

A new trailer has been released for Vampires! revealing a new character: the Vampire Queen.

Vampires! is a game for the PC, iOS, and Android that gives a group of vampires to the player with a single goal: get them to safety. The maze they have to navigate is full of deathtraps that can instantly kill the vampires, so the players will have to be quick and clever to get as many vampires as possible back into their coffins to escape from the coming dawn.

The Vampire Queen is different from the rest of the vampires in that she has powers that the ordinary vampires do not. She can instantly destroy any traps within her sight, making it easier for the vampires to move about. She can also protect other vampires from enemies. However, she is also slower than the other vampires and her death means a game over.

The Vampire Queen also comes in three different colors: red, blue, and black. Each one behaves differently, most notably demonstrated by how they react to crossroads. Red Queens always turn left, Blue Queens turn right, and Black Queens turn randomly. Players will have to familiarize themselves quickly in order to use the Queens most effectively.

Vampires! is slated to come out in early Q4 of 2012.