New Trailer for Remember Me Released

Posted on May 2, 2013 by
New Trailer for Remember Me Released

A new trailer for the upcoming game Remember Me has recently been released. Jean Maxime-Moris, Creative Director at DONTNOD Entertainment, talks about the memory gameplay mechanics of the game.

Remember Me is a story of Nilin, a woman with the ability to break into the minds of others and manipulate or even steal their memories. However, Nilin’s memories have been erased and she must regain enough to recover her identity and find out what sort of changes her actions can potentially have on the world.

The memory mechanics discussed in the trailer include the “Remembrane” mechanic in which Nilin renders a memory into three dimensions to search for clues that can help her achieve her goals, and “Memory Remix” in which Nilin can manipulate the memories of others in order to influence them into committing certain actions or even changing their behavior entirely.

Other mechanics discussed include battle mechanics, specifically setting up combos and mastering every power at Nilin’s disposal to fight off threats more effectively, and Mnesist memories, collectibles that help expand the player’s knowledge of the world’s lore.