New Rockstar Verified Jobs in GTA Online Revealed

Posted on June 26, 2014 by
New Rockstar Verified Jobs in GTA Online Revealed

Rockstar Studios has recently revealed ten new Rockstar Verified Jobs in their game GTA Online. These are Jobs that have been created by players and given Rockstar’s stamp of approval.

“Holy Drift Mountain” is a lap race for sports cars featuring winding roads and beautiful scenery.

“Far Out LOOP” is a race for Supercars with tight turns and hazards such as farm equipment and drainage ditches.

“The Maze Bank Fight” is a Contend Capture where two teams must battle each other on top of the Maze Bank Tower over a single package.

“Hipster Happy Hour” is a Sports Race through Downtown and Vinewood with some unexpected turns.

“Hold: Shopping Spree” is a Hold Capture where players seek capture objects around the beachfront villas of Chumash.

“Marios Race” is a race for sports cars that takes players through downtown traffic and features a mix of sharp turns and straight paths.

“Quarantine” is a Deathmatch in the Elysion Fields Freeway featuring limited weapons and ammo, forcing players to fight smart.

“Obstacle What?” is a Motorbike Race and a roundtrip between downtown and the Grand Senora Desert, with high-speed chicanes and obstacle jumps.

“Rattlesnake Run” is a Supercar Race in the El Burro Heights oil field where aggression may become one’s greatest asset.

“Sonuva Beach” is a Deathmatch filled with user-placed Props and several grenades and Molotov Cocktails.