New DLC Character for Guardians of Middle-earth

Posted on March 20, 2013 by
New DLC Character for Guardians of Middle-earth

Guardians of Middle-earth has recently had a DLC update. This update contains a new character as well as a new map for players to explore.

The new character is a powerful spider known as Unglob. Similar to the dreaded spider Shelob from the Lord of the Rings books, Unglob is a highly aggressive creature who wields a fearsome arsenal of mandibles, claws, and poison, a dangerous combination that will help Unglob on her journey to becoming a beast of great power.

In addition to adding Unglob as a character, the update also features a new map. Players are now able to explore the Mirkwood, a three-lane map where players must traverse a dark and foreboding forest home to dangerous creatures, particularly giant arachnids that are more than happy to devour those that wander within reach of their mandibles.

The “Spiders of Mirkwood” update has already been released and players can download it through Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network.