Nayuta no Kiseki's Latest Trailer Revealed

Posted on June 3, 2012 by
Nayuta no Kiseki's Latest Trailer Revealed

While the Nihon Falcom Corporation may be most widely known for its nigh-legendary Ys series, Falcom isn't a one-trick pony.

One series that's been going for almost as long as Ys has been is its Legend of Heroes series of traditional RPGs.

The latest title in that series, Nayuta no Kiseki, has recently received a new trailer, a scant two months before its Japanese release date. Check it out!

Nayuta no Kiseki changes things up from its Legend of Heroes brethren by being an action-RPG in the style of Ys. It's also the first of the Kiseki games to not carry the Legend of Heroes name.

It'll be releasing in Japan on July 26th. As it's a Falcom game coming to PSP, expect fantastic music and artwork, and nearly zero chance of a western release unless XSEED picks it up.