NIS America Announces "Character Chowdown"

Posted on July 12, 2012 by
NIS America Announces

NIS America has announced a new educational game for the iOS in cooperation with Yummy Yummy Tummy. Character Chowdown is a game that aims to teach students other languages, specifically Asian language sets such as kana and kanji. The game seeks to give those who want to learn new languages a quick and casual way to do so through fun and quirky gameplay.

Like many other games from NIS America, Character Chowdown will also feature characters from their popular Disgaea series; heroes and villains alike are expected to appear as future downloadable content, providing a treat for fans of the Disgaea games. There is currently no news of whether or not characters from their other games will make an appearance.

As an added incentive to get this game, the language pack for katakana will be released for free. More language packs with hiragana and kanji are expected to pop up in the future.

Source:NIS America